Web Based Software

Woxzone offers you a number of off-the-shelf web applications including

Woxzone's Time Management Solution

The Timesheet software helps business organizations to manage and keep track of employee details. All employee personal details, work schedules, work hours… etc could be successfully monitored as well as integrated with Human Resource and Payroll software (also available through Woxzone).

The Time Management System is fully automated with attendance registries which could be used with either bar code or biometric attendance monitoring.

Woxzone's Appointment System

This system was originally developed for universities and educational institutes to coordinate and manage activities within the organization. Shown below are some of the key features in the system.

  • Course and time scheduling
  • Holiday and special activity planners
  • Online and email notifications
  • Online appointment scheduling
  • Chat modules… etc

This web based system has been developed using .NET and could be customized to suite your application needs

Woxzone's Online Ticketing Software

Our customized ticketing management solution is exclusively designed for arts organizations, museums, zoos, entertainment and sporting events. Our solutions are flexible and versatile to meet the needs of all types of organizations.

Our product line also includes sporting event ticketing systems that could be easily configured to suite your needs.

Woxzone's Online Reservation Systems

Woxzone's Online Reservation Systems - a system designed to efficiently and effectively schedule and manage meeting rooms, conference halls, within an organization as well as keep track of provided resources and equipment. The system consists of a large number of user functionalities including online resource monitoring, ordering and even payment modules.

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