SMS Marketing Sri Lanka

Short message service (SMS) marketing is a relatively new marketing technique that focuses on the use of text messaging to spread a marketing message. The process involves preparing one or more text messages offering such things as specials, new products, or new information about a product.

This new media marketing concept is catching on in a variety of different fields after originating in the wireless industry.

If you haven’t already considered integrating SMS into your marketing strategy, this is the blog post for you! Projected for a momentous surge in 2014, every business is jumping on the bandwagon.

Why? Besides the obvious cost effectiveness of SMS marketing, there are 10 other remarkable advantages of SMS marketing to consider.

Instant Deliverability
Flexible Platform
Instant Opt-In and Opt-Out
High Open Rate
High Conversion RateReliable
Short Messages
Cool Factor
Limitless Market Potential
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