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Inventory & Project Management System Features :

Items Management

In this module, users can add product categories to the system. To each category, they can add up to a maximum of three sub categories. Each category and subcategory can be viewed, updated and deleted according to the users’ needs.

Then, the users can add items to the subcategories by providing the following information.

  • Item name
  • Item code
  • Quantity type
  • Reorder quantity
  • Reorder level
  • Description

Existing items can be updated and deleted as well.


Stock Management

In the ‘Stock Management’ module, users can manage the stocks and everything related to the stocks of the company.

·         Supplier Management

Here, users can manage the suppliers of the organization. They can add new suppliers by providing the following details.

  • Supplier name
  • Address
  • Phone numbers
  • Fax
  • Email
  • Website

Each supplier can be viewed, updated and deactivated if needed.


·         View Stock

Users can view the existing items and their quantities along with their item codes.

·         Add Opening Stock

In this function, users can add opening stock for items. To do so, the user will have to add item name, unit price and barcode type. Each record can be deactivated as well.


·         Purchase Order

A new purchase order can be added by including the item name, item quantity, supplier name and date. Purchase orders can be viewed, printed and deleted as well.

·         Goods Received Note (GRN)

A new GRN can be added by providing the invoice number, date, supplier name, currency type, item name, item quantity and unit price. GRN’s can be created based on purchase orders, by providing the purchase order number. Existing GRN records can be viewed and deleted.

·         Goods Return Notes

Goods return notes can be created by adding supplier name, date and purchase invoice number.


Sales Management

In the Sales Management module, the following functions are available.

·         Selling Price Calculator

In order to calculate the selling price, the users will have to enter the profit margin, unit minimum selling price and the discount rate.

·         Customer Management

Users can add new customers by entering their basic details. Existing customers can be viewed, updated and deactivated/ activated.

·         View Sales Invoices

·         View Sales Returns

·         New Sales Invoice

By entering the following details, customers can add new sales invoices.

  • Customer
  • Date
  • Purchase order number
  • Selling price
  • System name
  • Quantity

·         New Sales Return

To create a new sales invoice, the user will have to enter,

  • Customer
  • Date
  • Sales invoice number
  • Item name
  • Quantity

Project Management

In this module, users can create new projects. Then the project architects can create the architecture of the project, including the items and employees needed for the project. The administrators can then assign employees for a project based on its architecture.

Items can be reserved based on the requirements. Users of the system can also transfer items that are already reserved for a project.

Employees assigned to a certain project can also be changed.

Creditors and Debtors

This module manages all people and companies who either have credit or debts for the company.

·         Supplier Payment

When the company has settled an outstanding debt to a supplier, it can be recorded by selecting the payment and the payment method.

·         Customer Settlement

If a customer has settled their outstanding debts to the company, it can be recorded by selecting the payment and the payment method.


User Settings

This module is for managing users of the system and the organization’s details.

·          Company Profile

Admin can add the details of the organization and upload the company profile in pdf form.

·         Add New User

New users can be added to the system by providing the following information.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Telephone no.
  • User name
  • Password
  • User type
  • User access

·         Update User

Existing users can updated and deactivated.

·         Change Password

The user can update his/ her password by correctly providing the current password.



In this module, users will be able to review all activities and information in the system. However, this module will only generate the reports that are required by your organization. Also, all reports generated here are printable.

To make this module more user-friendly and efficient, you have been given the opportunity to sort every report by providing a date range and/or a keyword.

The following reports are generated by this system.

·         Price List

In this report, the users will be able to view a table consisting of the prices of all existing items.

·         Stock

Here, users will be able to view the existing stock of all items in the inventory.

·         Item Edit

In this report, the users will be shown a table consisting of all records including updates made to item names. Along with each record, the person who made that update will also be shown.

·         Supplier Report

Here, you can view the details of both active and inactive suppliers.

·         Customer Report

This report contains all information about you organization’s existing customers.

·         Activity Report

This is a report consisting of all activity regarding the users of the system.

·         Purchase Order Report

All purchase orders made by the system will be shown in this report.

·         Goods Received Report

All Goods Received Notes made by the system will be shown in this report.

·         Sales Report

A list of items sold in the past will be shown in this report along with the total prices.

·         Assets Valuation

The total value of all existing assets will be shown in this report.


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